The Best Media Streaming Devices

Here is a great article from Forbes on the various cord cutter media streaming devices. While most of our customers have the Amazon Fire TV or Roku streaming stick, I am tending the agree with the article’s recommendations to promote the Roku streaming stick. Roku has the most options for every one of your TVs (older TVs, HD and 4K) and also has the most number of content channels out there. Their remote can also control your TV power and volume meaning this can truly be a “single remote” solution. The Amazon Fire TV is still great if you watch a lot of Amazon Prime content and you have a lot of Amazon Alexa powered Echo type devices. Apple TV is the most expensive option but great if you are an Apple fanboy, have a large iTunes library and like their user interface. Part of our cird cutter service if to assess your households’ needs and recommend the best streaming media platform for you.

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