1.  What is “Cutting the Cord”?

Most Cable TV bundles today include an average of 189 channels (according to a Nielson survey); cost $100/month; while most consumers only watch 17 channels or less than 10% of the bundle.  The Cable TV bundle price also includes many fees, many which are increased every year.  These includes the rental of your cable modem, set-top boxes and other miscellaneous fees.  Did you know that the cost of ESPN alone costs $6-9/month whether you watch it or not?

“Cutting the Cord” is the term of cancelling your expensive cable TV bundle, replacing your set-top boxes with inexpensive streaming media boxes from Roku, Amazon or Apple and opting to subscribe to a “Skinny Bundle” package which starts at $20/month an includes 30 channels.  You continue to subscribe to your Internet Service from your cable company or telephone provider like ATT.  You get a more flexible service at a lower monthly price.


2.  What channels options do I have when I “Cut the Cord”?

There are many channel options available when you Cut the Cord from the top Skinny Bundle providers which include Sling TV, Sony Playstation Vue (you don’t need a Playstation device to use this service), Hulu and Direct TV Now (you don’t need a satellite dish to use this service).  Cord Cutters can advise you on what is the best Skinny Bundle service to meet the channels you like to watch.  Ask us about our Skinny Bundle Advisor tool.


3.  Do I need an antenna to get local channels?

No, this isn't required.  This was a requirement in the past but Skinny Bundle services such as Playstation Vue and DirecTV Now include the top local broadcast channels in Atlanta including ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox in their base packages so no antenna is required.  There are however over 70 over the Air channels available in Atlanta which includes channels with many reruns of older shows.  Cord Cutters offers a solution powered by Tablo TV where we install a single antenna in your home and can stream these channels to all of your TVs as an optional solution if you want to access many of these local Atlanta channels.


4.  Can I get Sports programming on Skinny Bundles?

Absolutely.  Most of the Skinny Bundle services include tiers with many sports channels including many of the ESPN, Fox Sports and BTN and SEC channels.  Check out Sony Playstation Vue’s Access Tier which offers many sports channels. Channels such as the NFL, NBA and MLB channels are also available.


5.  Can I record my shows (DVR) when I cut the cord?

Absolutely.  Most of the Skinny Bundle services offer a DVR function in their base offerings or as an add-on.  Sony’s Playstation Vue services offers the most flexible DVR with unlimited storage and recordings with the only limitation is that recordings are only stored for 28 days.  You can pause and skip commercials as you do today.  Other services provide 50 hours of recordings that can be stored for a longer period.

Our Tablo TV solution option which picks up local channels via an antenna includes an additional whole home DVR function that lets you record up to 250 hours of HD local recordings and you can keep these as long as you wish.

Cord Cutters can advise you on the best solution to meet your needs.


6.  Can I access Pay per View Movies as I do now with my Cable bundle?

Absolutely.  There are a couple of ways of doing this.  Amazon Prime as well as apps such as Vudu offer the latest Pay per View movies for an additional charge.


7.   What equipment do I need to purchase?

Our base solution includes a media streaming stick from either Roku or Amazon which supports HD programming and are connected via Wifi.  If you have or plan to have any 4K TVs in your home, there are more advanced streaming sticks from both of these vendors which are available at additional cost. 

When you cut the cord, you own the equipment on your TVs and aren’t subject to the enormous rental fees for set-top boxes charged by your cable company. As part of our service, we recommend what is the best media streaming stick to purchase based on what services you use today. As an example, if you are an Amazon Prime customer and have Amazon Alexa powered devices (Echo, Dot) in your home, them the Amazon Fire sticks are a great way to go as you’ll have direct access to Amazon Prime video content and can control your TV via Alexa.  If you are not into the Amazon ecosystem, then the Roku has the most open system on the market today.


8.  Does this solution work if I have multiple TVs?

Absolutely.  This will work on as many TVs in your household – each TV just needs a media streaming stick (Amazon Fire or Roku) and access to WiFi – we even have a customer who deployed this solution on 11 TVs (they have a great sports bar in their basement with 6 TVs). You can even use this on TVs that are outside in your patio as long as there is adequate WiFi.

Also many customers today deploy the most advanced cable TV service on their main TVs as there is a high set-top box rental fee for each TV.  The cable company rents you a converter box for $5/month for your secondary TVs which provides only basic analog cable TV.

When you cut the cord – every TV will have access to same rich feature set such as HD and DVR functions.


9.  How do I know if my Internet/WiFi is adequate for “Cutting the Cord”?

Part of our service is an assessment of your current home Internet/ Wi-Fi set-up.  While we strive to work with your existing Internet/ Wi-Fi equipment, we have found that to have a satisfactory cord cutting experience, you need to have a dual band Wi-Fi router that supports both 2.4G and 5G bands.  Most of the stock routers that you rent from your cable company offer only the 2.4G Wi-Fi band.  If we assess that you need a new router, we offer installation of some of the best valued Dual Band routers on the market from TP-Link and Netgear.


10.  Can I watch other streaming services on this solution such as Netflix or Amazon Prime video?

Absolutely.  This is another advantage of this solution in that any other streaming services you subscribe to today (e.g. Netflix, Amazon Prime) can be accessed through the same media streaming box (Roku, Amazon or Apple) you will use to cut the cord.  No more having to switch inputs on your TV to access these services.


11.  What if I am not satisfied with the solution?

Cord Cutters ATL offers a No-Questions Asked 30 Day Money Back Guarantee after initial installation.  We will return to your home at no charge for the first 30 days to ensure the solution is working to your satisfaction.  If you are still not satisfied within 30 days of initial installation, we will provide you with a full refund of your money* and retrieve the equipment we supplied to you. *only exception is for roof antenna installations


12.  What are the advantages of “Cutting the Cord”?


  • Our typical cord cutter customer saves an average of $100/month on their cable TV bill (some have saved as much as $200/month) as result of subscribing to skinny bundles which have the channels you really want to watch

  • Elimination of most of the cable bundle fees which increase every year

  • You own the equipment eliminating any set-top box equipment rental fees

  • No annual contracts – you only subscribe to your internet service but the skinny bundle services are all month to month with no contracts

  • All of your TVs get the same level of service including HD and DVR –no need to rent a converter box for your secondary TVs and only get a basic analog cable service

  • You can easily cancel or switch to another skinny bundle service by accessing an online portal

  • No annual “sing and dance” with the cable company when they raise your monthly price after your promo period expires or when they raise fees every year

  • You can access your TV services on mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones

12.  What is the cost of the solution?

  • Our solution starts at $99/TV which includes a basic media streaming stick (Roku or Amazon), installation and our advisory services including WiFi, equipment and Skinny Bundles options to best meet your needs

  • Additional costs will be required for:

    • If your WiFi needs an upgrade to a Dual Band Router

    • Address other networking issues such as dead-spots in your home (we have solutions for this)

    • If you want support for a 4K TV

    • If you want access to more local channels