How we started


Like many people, we signed up for a great deal on TV and internet with our local phone company which lasted for a year.  After the promo period was over, our bill ballooned to over $200/month.  After realizing that I was watching primarily HBO and Netflix and some NBC, there had to be a more cost effective solution for my TV services.  I was a big fan of HBO and in the past, you could only get HBO with a cable package.  In early 2015, HBO introduced HBO Now letting anyone get HBO without a cable subscription.  I also loved my digital video recorder (DVR) so there had to be a solution to record my local channels without commercials.  

I cut the cord and was able to slash my overall bill from over $200/mo to about $80/mo, a savings of $120/mo.  I know many other people who wanted to cut the cord but didn't know how and hence Cord Cutters was born.

Why Cord Cutters?


We take all of the risk and hassle out of cutting the cord.  We come to your home and install a full turnkey single- remote, multi-TV solution for local free broadcast and streaming video channels.  We measure your home wireless network to ensure it can support streaming video.  Finally we offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not totally 100% satisfied with your cord cutting solution.